Cablegland 1602 Ex d Ex d are designed for cables unarmature valid for threads M25 – 3/4″ – 1″ and Ø outer 11 to 18 mm.

he cable gland 1602 is designed for non-reinforced cables and the explosion-proof protection mode Ex d, increased safety Ex e and protection against dust ignition Ex d.

Valid for threads  M25 –  3/4″ – 1″  and Ø outer diam of 11 to 18 mm.


Technical characteristics

MANUFACTURING: Cable glands series 160 are built in electroplated brass, however, and on request, can also be manufactured in electro galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminium.The elastomeric seals are black with an approximate hardness between 50 and 70 shores.

THREAD: The usual threaded is carried out in accordance with standard NPT ASA B. 2.1 ., and Metrics according to ISO 261, with average quality or higher according to ISO 965.

SEALING: For the fulfilment of protection degrees listed according to UNE 20324, DIN EN 40050 and EN 60529 and ensure the protection degree with the enclosure on which they are installed, the cable entries and accessories with cylindrical thread must have a seal.

EARTH GROUNDING: Electrical continuity on cable glands, made in metal, is sufficiently executed through the threaded part of the gland to the box.


Conformity: 94/9/CE (ATEX) Directive

CE Test Certificate  : LOM 02ATEX2015X

Applicable Standards: UNE- EN 60079-0, UNE-EN 60079-1, UNE-EN 60079-7 y UNE-EN 60079-31

Gas protection type: II 2 G Ex d II GB / Ex e II Gb

Dust protection type: II 2 D Ex tb IIIC Db

Protection degree: IP-68 According to standards UNE 20324, CEI 529 y EN 60529




Rosca M25 Ø Ext. 7-10 160232A, Rosca M25 Ø Ext. 9-12 160232B, Rosca M25 Ø Ext. 11-14 160232C, Rosca M25 Ø Ext. 13-16 160232D, Rosca M25 Ø Ext. 15-18 160232E, Rosca 3/4"Ø Ext. 7-10 160202A, Rosca 3/4"Ø Ext. 9-12 160202B, Rosca 3/4"Ø Ext. 11-14 160202C, Rosca 3/4"Ø Ext. 13-16 160202D, Rosca 3/4"Ø Ext. 15-18 160202E, Rosca 1" Ø Ext. 7-10 160203A, Rosca 1" Ø Ext. 9-12 160203B, Rosca 1" Ø Ext. 11-14 160203C, Rosca 1" Ø Ext. 13-16 160203D, Rosca 1" Ø Ext. 15-18 160203E

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