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Cablebox is an enterprise composed by a group of companies interested in contributing to the industrial development through its commitment to key strategic sectors.

Born in 2016 and collects the tradition of more than 60 years of experience in the production of electrical material through the APLEI brand.

APLEI Factory in the 50s

Through its management and financial support, Cablebox intends to give Aplei a new momentum, reinforcing its leadership position in its two segments: Electrical equipment for industrial use and electrical equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres.

Being conscious of their prestige and acknowledgement in the market, Cablebox gives a boost to this brand with the determination of consolidating and strengthening the values and standards of quality that have always distinguished them from the others. To achieve this, the company has a solid structure of technical, productive and human resources.






The headquarters of Cablebox is located in Seville, specifically in the Calonge Industrial Park, less than two minutes from the SE-30 and less than ten minutes from San Pablo airport and the Santa Justa AVE station. A highly strategic location equipped with manufacturing space, Quality Department, R + D + i Department and warehouses. In total, the productive space has an area of 10,000 square meters.

flecha-azulCustom manufacturing

It allows to adapt to the needs of the client either with our own products or attending to the requests of the clients through special manufactures.


flecha-azulTraining / Advice

The company offers a qualified training on electrical equipment for hazardous areas, where we are a national reference. Similarly, providing a personalised advice related to the products that we offer to our clients, with a clear vocation to service that oversteps our condition of manufacturer.

flecha-azulSpecial Production

The flexibility of Aplei in the production processes, always tailored to the specific needs of each client, gave to the company the development of a line of activity that brings a great dynamism to its business.


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